Production = 7 - 10 Days to Manufacture. Shipping & Delivery = 3-6 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my covers ?

It generally take 7 - 10 days to make up an order and anywhere from 3-6 working days to ship depending on where you are in North America.

What if they don’t fit ?

We stand behind the fit of our seat covers 100%. If there is a problem with the fit or installation instructions on our website, you can call us and we will walk you through the install. If there is still a problem, we ask you send us a digital picture of the problem and if we find it is a production error, we send you a replacement part at no charge. If the fitment problem cannot be fixed, we will issue you a return authorization number (RGA) and instructions on how to send them back. Once you have your RGA# you must send them to us pre-paid and we will credit your credit card for 100% of your purchase (a digital picture of the problem must always be sent before an RGA# is assigned).

Are your seat covers machine washable ?

Yes, you can machine wash (use ¼ of regular soap) & hang dry.

What is the best fabric for pets ?

For pets, we recommend adding the EZ Install Dog Cover Combo to your seat cover order. The Dog Covers are made in Total Vinyl and can be attached to any of our seat cover styles by custom Velcro tabs to be removed and installed in seconds. The Dog Cover Combo will work over any of our seat cover styles. When you order the Dog Cover Combo, you can choose the style of seat cover that is best to you - not what’s best for your dog !

Are your seat covers resistant ?

Our cushions liners are now water-repellant, dust-proof and UV resistant by default with any fabric.

Do I need to remove my original interior to put these covers on ?

No. These are slip on seat coves are designed and measured to fit over your existing upholstery.

Do I need tools to install these covers ?

The only time you need a tool when installing our covers is when you are covering rear seat side bolsters. Here, all you will need a simple socket set or wrench to remove the single bolt holding the bolster to the car (see our instructions page for details)

Will the seat cover material exactly match my original interior ?

No. All our covers (not including Realtree Camo) are made from genuine automotive materials to provide you with all the qualities you expect from an OE fabric (durability and fade resistance etc.), however, they will not be an exact match to your original material.

Can I put your covers over seats with side impact airbags ?

Yes. If you indicate you have side impact airbags in your seats, we will make accommodations down the side of your backrest using a high tensile single thread that will easily snap in the event of an airbag deployment. Your covers will come with a “side impact airbags” tag on each backrest that must be placed over the airbag side of the seat.