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A-TACS Camo Seat Covers

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SCC Northwest Seat Covers Side Airbag Tested SCC Northwest Seat Covers Side Airbag Tested

A-TACS Camo Seat Covers

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When you’re looking for military seat covers to provide you with the tactical advantage, A-TACS™ answers that call loud and clear. It was developed by Digital Concealment Systems™ (DCS) to provide more effective camouflage system integration. A-TACS™ was designed as a universal pattern for a wide range of operational environments. It’s the Official camouflage for Call of Duty – Ghosts and BLACK OPS II, as well as Splinter Cell. A set of A-TACS™ camo seat covers keeps you in the game while you’re on the road.
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Please note: Northwest Seat Covers dramatically minimize fabric damage caused by UV light and saves the original upholstery on your vehicle's seat. For extra protection you can also spray our covers with a UV protectant or Scotchgard™ after installation.

NOTE: The heat transfer printing process produces an HD Quality look that is incomparable. To best preserve this look, you should minimize direct exposure to harmful UV light rays. Overexposure to strong UV light can fade fabrics altering their appearance over time.

A-TACS™ LE-X Blue Camo Sport AC-B-BLU

A-TACS™ LE-X Blue Sport

Our A-TACS Camo Seat Covers fabric is made to last. Whether you are looking for a long lasting seat cover or a beautiful replacement to your stock cover, A-TACS Camo Seat Covers have what you need.

Please note: OE Material refers to the quality of the material only, it will not be an exact match to your vehicle's interior.

Installing A-TACS Camo Seat Covers seat covers is extremely simple. Since your cover will be a perfect fit to the vehicle information you provide us with, installation will require nothing more that some careful manoeuvring of your fabric onto your seat.

Do not hesitate to browse our installation section for further information.
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Our Seat Covers come with a 2 years warranty for workmanship & normal wear. We will replace any sections that have worn due to normal use or material defect free of charge.

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