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Dog Cargo cover

Dog Cargo cover

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Protect your back seats or cargo area from dog hair, mud and more ! Water-Proof & Super Durable, our Dog cover is designed to last for years !

Technical Description:

  • Water-Proof & Super Durable!
  • Puncture-Proof! Nails won't go through!
  • Goes On and Off in Seconds and Folds Away Flat & Easy!
  • Machine Washable or Just Hose Off!
  • Available in Black, Grey or Tan Vinyl!
  • Designed to be Used Often and to Last for Years!


Car or Small SUV pet seat covers measure 60” Length X 55” Wide.

This is a Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Subaru Forester, Ford Escape, RAV4 or any other vehicle similar in size.

Truck or Large SUV pet seat covers measure 96” Length X 55” Wide.

This extra length cover will fit a Ford F150 Super and Crew Cab, Chevy Silverado, Ram truck, Ford Explorer, Chevy Equinox and other similar sized vehicles.

Tear Strength and Tensile Strength Tested - Passed

Fire Retardant FMVSS 302 – Passed

Mildew Resistant

Oil Resistant

UV Light Stable Pigments (Fade Resistant)

Cold Crack Rating -25 degrees Fahrenheit or -32 Celsius

Wear Rating 30,000 double rubs

Use warm water or soapy water and Drip Dry for best results

Use a face towel or a medium bristle brush to loosen dirt within the embossed surface of the vinyl

For more stubborn stains, you could use Formula 409® All-Purpose Cleaner in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions