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Here is where you select and configure your custom seat cover. If you have any questions at all, please contact us


In order to build you a perfect fitting seat cover, we need to know what your driving. Please use the drop down lists below, starting with the Year, to find your vehicle.

If your vehicle is not in this list, please contact us.

Select your seat style. Click any image on page to enlarge

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These are the available seat options for your vehicle. If your seat type is not in the list below, or you need help figuring out what type of seat your vehicle has, than please contact us.

To better understand what type of seat you may have here are a few general description which may help you.

Adjustable (adj.) Headrests - The headrest will be free to move up and down, as opposed to a moulded headrest which is built into the seat.

Inner Arms - Each seat will have an inside arm that is free to move. The arm will be on the right side of the seat for the driver, and the left side of the seat for the passenger.

Solid Bench - The front seat will be one continuous seat. Most often seen in trucks.

Low Bucket Backs - The seat will be a little smaller in height compared to a regular bucket seat.

High Bucket Backs - The seat will be a little bigger in height compared to a regular bucket seat.

Console - This is usually the storage area in the center of your front row.

Drop Arm - This is a solid drop down armrest that does not have any storage space.

If you would like some more information on seat types please visit our help.

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    Side air bag accommodations

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    Forward seam airbag

    To accommodate the seam deployed airbag, we sew the side with a single seam using high tensile thread designed to be durable and yet easily break from the sharp explosive deployment of the airbag.

    Side mounted plate airbag

    Side impact airbags with a plate will deploy from behind the plate.

    The accommodation area is identified with a side airbag tag sewn into the front side seam of the seat cover. Put this tagged side over the side impact airbag on your backrest.
    The seam accommodations will not affect the fit, looks or durability of the cover, and the only indication that the accommodations are there will be the airbag tag.

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